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Conference of Youth

The official gathering of YOUNGO members happens every year at the Conference of YOUTH (COY), which takes place for 3 days preceding the annual Conference of the Parties (COP). COY serves as a preparation session of youth NGOs to develop position papers, network and meet new members, and hold strategic discussions on climate change solutions. Annually, the Youth Conference, or COY, is held in the same country and prior to the dealings in COP to unify the opinion and experience of young people during the year and enforce them at that meeting.

Since 2005, ahead of COP11 in Montreal, a Conference of Youth has been held annually. Since 2014, COP20 in Lima, participation has grown massively, with a peak of 4,000 youth participating in COY11 in Paris (COP21).

COY primarily serves as a space for capacity building and policy training to prepare young people for their participation at COP. The participants are introduced to the various Working Groups of YOUNGO, where they develop common policy positions (lobby points) and develop strategies to best advocate for the interests of youth in those policy areas.



Youth action for Renewable Energies
Youth action for Oceans and Antarctica
Youth action for Public Policies and preparation for COP25
Youth action for Circular Economy and Responsible Consumption
Youth action for Nature-based solutions and lifeland conservation
Youth action for Science
Indigenous and rural youth action
Youth action for climate action

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