COP 24 - Katowice, Poland

More than 23,000 people attended COP24 which took place between December 3 and 14 in Katowice, Poland. The conference began with more than 3,000 points of divergence and after two weeks the parties were able to review them all, correcting many and postponing others for 2019. Also, "The Katowice Rulebook" document was generated indicating the steps to follow with their commitments and obligations.

The meeting also convened about 65,000 people who marched through the streets of Brussels demanding greater ambition, speed in decision-making and rapid implementation of solutions to face the environmental collapse that the IPCC 2018 report ensures is imminent, after which the United Nations affirmed that "we have 12 years to stop an environmental catastrophe".

As disagreement continues, the manual with the rules that countries will have to follow 2020 onwards to comply with the Paris agreement, is overdue for another year, at least until COP 25 to be carried out in Chile in December 2019.

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