COY 14 - Katowice, Poland

Between November 29th and December 1st, COY14 was held in Katowice, Poland.

From the beginning, youth has been involved in the "COPs" or Conference of the Parties organized by the "UNFCCC" (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) also known as "United Nations Climate Change".

In Montreal 2005, for the first time the youths met formally to make their concerns heard, forming the first "Conference of Youth" or COY. In Copenhagen 2009 during COP15 the UNFCCC secretariat and the member states of the convention officially recognized the youth as an independent observer entity known as YOUNGO (statute reconfirmed in 2011), to formally represent the voice of the children and the youth of planet earth in the processes carried out by the UNFCCC. Annually, the Conference of Youth, or COY, is held in the same country and prior to the Conference of the Parties.

COY is an international gathering of young people intrigued by the environmental future and climate emergency that scientists claim will affect the planet in the short term, and since its creation it has involved thousands of young people from all sectors, societies and countries of the world .

Since the historic COY11 - COP21 in Paris where the famous "Paris Agreement" was signed and the "Global Goals" were officially established, COY has taken an increasingly important role, because young people are the most affected by the changes in the climate that scientists predict.

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