G-20 and Carbon Neutrality 2050

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera took the lead during the G20 summit intervening for climate change. He pointed out: "We have two options: one, is simply to wait and continue to doubt that the current road leads to a disaster, as the United Nations experts have said over and over again in their six reports that they have already published; the second way is to take action now.” He continued "in Chile we decided to take action. Chile has committed to being a carbon neutral country before 2050, and for that we are applying public policies so that it is not only rhetoric, but also reality". "We have just made an agreement with several countries - France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom- to commit ourselves into action for carbon neutrality before the year 2050.”

The effort of the President of Chile, host country of COP25, reinforces the need and urgency of unity that needs to exist during COP25 to reach an agreement on the controversial Article 6.

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