Global Climate Strike for Future 15-03-2019

Around 1.4 million students were absent from their normal activities and went to protest in more than 2000 cities worldwide, marking an historic milestone. The Guardian points out "You think we should be in school? Today the march for the climate is the greatest lesson of all" or how it could be read on the banners: "Why study if the future does not exist.", "Denial is not politics", "I want to live on a healthy and happy planet", "There's no planet B" among many others. This happens as the increasing exposure by the world media about Greta Thunberg strike and the "IPCC - Global Warming 1.5" report that indicates an imminent environmental collapse.

Students, mainly European and Australian, say that the official scientific information corroborated by the United Nations indicates that if in 12 years certain goals have not been met, the world will face an irreversible environmental catastrophe. By that time many of them will still be students. It is claimed that for the objectives to be met by 2030 there is an immediate urgency to pass drastic laws and curb the financing and safeguarding of polluting industries. There is also the urgency of still inventing the technology with which the temperature will be hypothetically maintained below 1.5 degrees.

Greta Thunberg, leader of the world student movement is ordering everyone to panic and act as we would if our house was on fire: with immediate urgency. The Nobel Peace Prize candidate says that "We will not accept this injustice. We demand justice for all past and future victims of the climate crisis, so we stand up", "We will change the destiny of humanity whether they like it or not ", "We demand that decision makers take responsibility and resolve the crisis", "Humanity is currently causing the sixth mass extinction of species and the global climate system is on the verge of facing a catastrophic crisis."

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