SBI 50 - June 17-27 2019

The "intersessions" meeting takes place every mid-year in Germany, between the COPs that take place at the end of the year, in order to remedy the differences that for reasons of time could not be agreed in the previous COP. "Youth should not be ignored," Patricia Espinosa said while opening the session. Some countries, including those most affected by climate change, carried out a campaign during the conference ensuring that science is not negotiable. All the differences that remained unsolved at this conference will be addressed at COP 25 to be held in Chile.

At the end of the meeting, article 6 of the Paris agreement remains unfinished. This article refers to the rules for the voluntary exchange of mitigation results, such as emission reductions. This article will replace the famous CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) of the Kyoto protocol signed in 1997. The CDM states that richer countries can achieve some of their climate goals through the payment of carbon credits. Article 6 conflict arised after the European Union denounced that only 2% of the projects under CDM have the potential to reduce carbon emissions.

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