Water for Society: Including All

Last week in Stokholm 4000 participants from 138 countries and one third under 35, attended the official events of World Water Week 2019. Professor Johan Rockström turned to young participants saying "You are the only ones who can truly speak on behalf of the future". The event organized by SIWI left an open message that companies, institutions and governments should start applying the solutions that already exist and include everyone in the process.

New information shows that 1/4 of world population across 17 countries lives under extreme water stress and that by 2024 half of the world population will share the same problem, according to WRI experts. The World Resources Institute is very respected thus the urgency arises to find solutions to water scarcity.

"We strongly believe that water is key to future prosperity and that together, we can achieve a water-wise world.” SIWI’s Executive Director Torgny Holmgren said on his opening speech. "Many in our societies are not aware of the vital role that water plays in realizing prosperity, eradicating poverty and tackling the climate crisis. Together, we can change that perception and unlock the potential of water-related solutions”

Water Governance explains: "Increasing water scarcity is one of the globe’s greatest challenges. As local demand for water rises above supply in many regions, the effective governance of available water resources will be key to achieving water security, fairly allocating water resources and settling related disputes. Cooperation on internationally shared water resources is also critical, especially in water-scarce regions where the upstream and downstream impacts of consumption and pollution are magnified".

Water Week is the annual focal point on water issues, and as the UN World Water Development Report 2019 states, the focus continues on ensuring that ‘no one is left behind’ on the path towards sustainable development. This way we can overcome exclusion and inequality, as access to safe water and sanitation for all is essential for eradicating poverty and to build peaceful and prosperous societies.

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