COY15 Funded Opportunities
We wish to invite youth from Latin America & Caribbean region to apply for the indicated funding. We welcome and value the contributions of individuals who identify as members of marginalized communities bring to climate movement, and encourage Indigenous people, people of color, women, people identifying as LGBTQI, members of ethnic minorities, immigrants and people with disabilities to apply. We recognize that this list is neither exhaustive nor representative of the intersectionality present within each individual.
Funding has been provided for 7 Youth to attend COY15 in Madrid, Chile. Funding includes international airfare, and a Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) for up to 3 days, and may be allowed to extend their flight for up to 1 week to remain in Madrid at their own expense. The funded slots are allocated to three distinct categories:
a) YOUNGO Policy Operations & Working Group Support
b) LCOY/Local Community Consultation Representatives
c) Climate Action Youth
For carrying out the selection process and selecting the youths, the following criteria shall be used:
1. Region: Funds are restricted to youth from countries in Latin America & Caribbean. No other applications will be considered.
2. Age: COY15 will consider all applicants who are between 18 - 35 years of age at the time of COY15.
3. Gender: One of the primary goals of COY15, in keeping with YOUNGO policy shall be to maintain a gender balance among the recipients, with a view of enhancing female participation. This criterion will be used for the overall picture of Scholarships, meaning that a minimum of 50 percent of the scholarships are allocated to women
4. Applicant’s background story / work: Applicants would be asked to share about their work in past related to climate/environmental and related domains including, but not limited to: their individual/group/organisational projects, their experiences, their work in local, national or regional movements, and any other kind of work within the environmental domain and climate action. Again, this list of work described is not exhaustive, but just a general idea. Application must relate this work to the 6 priority areas of climate action.
5. YOUNGO Policy Operations & Working Group Support: Applicants in this category will support YOUNGO’s policy operations by displaying leadership in the facilitation of Working Groups, co-authoring policy papers & YOUNGO interventions, and helping to compile outcomes of COY15.
a) Previous experiences within UNFCCC processes: Applicants are expected to have worked with YOUNGO in the past and have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the issues to serve the constituency in this way. Applicants will be selected based on their commitment to YOUNGO and comprehension of UNFCCC processes & policy.
b) Demonstrated Leadership within YOUNGO: As shown by experience in writing and leading policy and working group discussions. During COY15, they will be asked to facilitate Working Group activities, and provide logistical support to YOUNGO processes.
6. LCOY / Local Community Consultation Representatives: Applicants in this category come from organizations that have held stakeholder consultations, dialogues and/or Local Conference of Youths.
a) Regional Distribution:
b) Consultation or LCOY Outcomes: These representatives should come armed with their outcome documents, and be prepared to present the outcomes. They will also work with other LCOYs and consultation outcomes to develop a broader report. These youth are likely representing large numbers of youth from their community, and should be ready to share their voices. Applicants will be selected based on their commitment to YOUNGO and local community actions.
7. Climate Action Youth: Applicants in this category are eager to inspire others and share their experiences through attending COY15. The selected youth will give a 15-20 minute “TED”-style talk during a session or ceremony of the COY.
a) Speaking Ability: Applicants will be selected based on their speaking potential, as demonstrated through a video upload or link of up to 3 minutes.
b) Regional Distribution: 6 slots are available for this category, and will be distributed with one representative from each region: Africa (MENA & Continental), Americas (North, Central & South America, & Caribbean), Asia (East & West), Europe (East & West), Oceana (Australia and Pacific Islanders), Chile.
8. Plans post COY15: Applicants would be asked to describe how they envision sharing the knowledge and experiences gained at COY15, once they are back to their home country.
9. COP25: No funding is available for selected applicants’ time at COP25. Those selected can choose to extend their return flight to allow for more time on the ground in Chile, but are not provided with accreditation nor DSA during that time.
Deadline for application is November 20th, 2019 (14:00 UTC/11:00 Chile).
In case of any questions or clarifications, please write to:

COY15 Liaison: Sarah Voska Or COY15 Content Coordinators: Carmen Monges & Soraya Zorzal:

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